Why buy sustainable champagnes?

Why buy sustainable champagnes?

The importance of sustainability – namely soil health, water, energy management – is the forefront of the SimplyChampagne brand. We engage with independent growers with sustainable farming practices from seed to transportation.

Purchasing sustainable Champagnes helps;

  • Contribute to champagne independent vintners’ actions in climate change
  • Supports actions for natural soil enrichment and preservation
  • Preserve and enhance terroir, landscape and biodiversity
  • Avoid environmental harm winemaking process
  • Re-invest into the industry with initiatives such as tree and hedge planting, which captures carbon from the atmosphere, cleans the air and improves the quality of the surrounding soil and water among other key benefits.

SimplyChampagne curates for the Singapore market an exclusive sustainable champagne range. Through making sustainable-forward choices you help continue the sustainability of Champagne independent vintners.

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