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…where blogging about carbon neutral, sustainable farming and wine making practices are a continued conversation.

As Chinese New Year celebrations begin here in Singapore, SimplyChampagne is embarking on a new editorial path, sharing stories, insights and trends via online articles. 

Over the past seven years, I have focused on developing my education and knowledge on sustainable wine growing through the value chain. I have also continued to expand my one-on-one connections with the talented growers whose products we proudly carry in our online store. As most of you know, what sets SimplyChampagne apart is that we select our growers not only by the quality of the end product but also how that product is produced for a positive impact on climate change. 

I like to think that we are succeeding in introducing premium sustainably produced Champagnes into Switzerland first, and now Singapore and Southeast Asia, because of the quality of our product selection and spending the time to have authentic discussions and answering your questions. 

We are committed to these conversations which allow us to give you access to our process and show you are purchasing an excellent product while supporting the next generation of leading growers.

Sustainability is and will remain at the heart of our business.

The next step is to bring these discussions online. The urgent need to control climate change means that it is more important than ever to pursue education and exchanges with growers around sustainability.

Through our blog articles, we want to give you a real taste of what our growers are experiencing behind the scenes, and show how they are adapting to the an ever-changing landscape of sustainable champagne-making, and vintner farming practices. 

With the launch of our new blog, we’ll be sharing the experiences, adventures and opinions of the knowledgeable contributors who form SimplyChampagne’s ecosystem. We’d also like to hear from you – feel free to get in touch with questions or story ideas you’d like us to cover. 

Here’s to toasting to the new year, with plenty of Champagne, naturally! 

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