Want to get into the world of champagne? Enjoy a two-hour session designed to build your confidence in the champagne region, champagne making, and all champagne questions you may have in mind.

No matter your level of expertise, your thoughts and impressions the moment you taste your champagne will feed an educated conversation supported by our experience, our personal annual trips with the champagne growers and wine-makers themselves.

Join this tasting event where your host will teach you – above all – to trust your instincts and enjoy the tastes of the selection of premium grand cru and premier cru champagnes proposed to you.

Simply Champagne offers an exclusive selection of champagnes, made by family-owned, out-of-the-way wineries, where the history, passion, and know-how is as interesting as the champagne itself.

By selecting and curating our exclusive champagne range for you, we support independent growers whose dedication to quality and sustainable farming practices matches our own.

If you’re a champagne enthusiast – or would like to become one – come join the journey!

It’s easy to buy a bottle of champagne from a faceless multi-national company but we love buying from Simply Champagne because each purchase has a unique story. We enjoy learning about the growers and how they produce their wonderful champagne. We especially appreciate the human touch and connectivity of the experience. Simply Champagne is a family and when you make a purchase you become part of this wonderful community. Why would you buy champagne anywhere else?


What an enjoyable evening spent at the tasting class of SimplyChampagne! After trying 6 different glasses, the Staff at SimplyChampagne was able to pinpoint my taste profile and guide me towards determining which champagnes I would most enjoy. However, the class wasn’t only about tasting rare champagnes, but of learning about the region and the small family-owned farms that produce these amazing champagnes. Truly an unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anybody wanting to broaden their horizons and venture into the world of the lesser known, independent champagne growers.