Serving Champagne: The Perfect Tulip Glass

There is a better way to enjoy your bubbly – and it’s not out of a Champagne flute. Instead, always opt for a glass with a big enough bowl to allow for the full aromas to develop, allowing more depth of flavour and complexity that Champagne is known for.

We love our Jamesse tulip glass, or even a classic white wine or even larger red wine glass. Philippe Jamesse – who worked eighteen years as Head Sommelier at Domaine Les Crayères (4 Gault & Millau toques, 3 Michelin stars) in Reims, France – designed this glass himself. The Frenchman is an encyclopedia of the world’s greatest sparkling wine, having tasted more champagne than any human on the planet. 

Don’t hold your glass by the bowl though. While it may feel counterintuitive, holding our Champagne glasses by the stem is the way to go. Your hands will warm the Champagne up too quickly, and nobody wants to drink warm Champagne.

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