Rosé Box


Interested in rosé champagnes but unsure which to buy? SimplyChampagne bring you the Rosé Bundle with three premium grand cru and premier cru champagnes from Champagne Houses including A&S Boever grand cru champagnes and Champagne Pascal Hénin.

Selected from some of our favourite bottles you will be able to find something for everyone including varying compositions of full Pinot Noirs and elegant Chardonnays, and fruity Meunier grapes.

An excellent starting point to your rosé champagnes tasting.

Please note subject to availability. In the event a bottle is unavailable it will be substituted with an equivalent alternative champagne. Case content may differ from photo.

2 x Pascal Hénin Rosé Brut NV Premier Cru

Tradition brut champagne is all pinot noir dominated by fresh red fruits.


100% Pinot Noir Premier Cru, the Rosé from Hénin is dosed at 6gr/l. it is aged 6 months in steel vats and another 36 months minimum in the cellar before disgorgement. This champagne has a natural fermentation with selected yeasts (no malolactic fermentation).

When to drink

Serve at 7˚ C at any occasion.

Tasting Notes

Vermillon robe. With red copper reflections and a nose dominated by fresh red fruits.  Source: Romain Hénin

2 x A&S Boever Rosé Brut Grand Cru Vintages 2013 & 2014

The Champagne Grand Cru Brut Rosé from A&S Boever is a blend of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay. It is blended with a small percentage of Bouzy Rouge grapes.


Blend of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay with red wine from Bouzy.  Made with Vintages 2014 (70%) and 2013 (30%) grapes. Harvested from Louvois and Bouzy on 40 year old vines, this champagne is aged 4 years in the cellars. Dosage is 10g/L (brut champagne).

When to drink

A rosé champagne is often considered special. Make a toast, celebrate and enjoy as an aperitif. Or it’s a great accompaniment to a meal, particularly seafood. Pair with Tuna, Salmon or prawn. Also great with a red fruit dessert.

Tasting Notes

A pink “raspberry” hue with slight salmon-pink highlights. A powerful nose with cherry and redcurrant aromas, secondary aromas are hints of orange peel and a touch of liquorice. On the palate, this is a round and balanced champagne, with a hint of red fruit finish.

2 x A&S Boever Carte Blanche Brut Grand Cru NV

Customers looking for a reliable and solid value of a classic every occasion Grand Cru champagne will appreciate Carte Blanche.


Blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay (blend of 2015 wine and 2014 reserve wine) from 20 year old vines. Dosed at 10g/l, Carte Blanche is a brut champagne.

When to drink

Great for aperitif or pairing with shellfish. This is a perfect wine for every occasion.

Tasting Notes

The cordon of fine mousse, formed by a multitude of fine bubbles. Golden blond hue with bright glints. An initial clean and fruity nose with fresh fruit aromas of apple and peach. The attack is open and generous on the palate. Generous structure with a citrus and fresh fruit finish. Source: Sébastien Boever, Consulting oenologist Laboratory O2C

A selection of 2 premium grand cru and premier cru rosé champagnes produced sustainably, from farming to distribution.

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