Xavier Leconte Apeiron Ratafia Champenois NV 500ml


The Ratafia Champenois is a fortified wine made in Champagne from a traditional alcoholic beverage recipe. Rarity, Apeiron ratafia is made of Meunier grapes only when traditionally, Ratafia is made of a blend of champagne grapes.


100% Meunier in a 50cl bottle.
The Ratafia Champenois is a spirit obtained by flavoring an alcohol originated from wine with champagne grape-must. Usually, Ratafia of Champagne contains 16-22% alcohol by volume and minimum sugar content 110 of grams per liter. It is marketed at the end of a minimum 10-month maturation in stainless-steel tanks or oak barrels.

When to drink

The Ratafia must always be served chilled and preferably served without ice. It can be savored with Parsley Cheese, or with a chocolate dessert (as a dessert wine). It’s a treat when it savoured with melons in spring, or to “Foie Gras” around New-Year’s Eve.

Tasting Notes

Yellow dress and honey aromas.

Did you know? In champagne, harvested grapes are sent to pressuring center and are pressed within 12 hours. Unlike other types of wine, champagne grapes are pressed 4 distinct times with increasing pressure in each press.

The light juice from the first press, by AOC restrictions, is designated for the production of champagne. The second and third presses can be legally marketed as non-champagne wine, and the fourth press provides a more strongly flavored juice used for the production of a liquor called Ratafia from Champagne.

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Meet the Grower: Champagne Xavier Leconte

Located in the Marne Valley area of Champagne, France. In 1870 Onésime Leconte began as a champagne grower. Xavier Leconte, now the fifth generation, oversees 10 hectares (24.7 acres). In 2003, Alexis, Xavier’s son, joined the legacy. He preserves the soil and produces real “Terroir” wines. The house relies on 40 small plots spread over several villages in the valley for their wines.

Like his grandfather, also a keen practitioner of natural methods, Alexis follows the phases of the moon, applying techniques based on the cycle of the Earth, increasing sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint.

Alexis follows the house style developed by his predecessors to produce wines of great quality, whilst ensuring he nurtures the land for the generations to come.


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