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Tradition is a Blanc de Noirs, meaning a champagne made exclusively with the two main red grapes found in champagne blends. It is a fresh and fruity champagne, a classic champagne that is one of our best seller in tropical climates.


95% of Meunier and 5% of Pinot noir, this champagne is, in fact, a Blanc de Noir, meaning a champagne made exclusively with the juice of red grapes. It combines approximately 70% of grapes of the year with 30% of reserve wines of previous years.

When to drink

Ideal champagne for aperitifs.

Tasting Notes

It is nicely sparkling when you serve it, and will reveal a classic fresh pale gold robe. Its nose is fine and suggests red fruits and brioche. In the mouth, the attack is fresh and prolongs with a pleasant light acidity and discrete tastes of red fruits.

Did you know? Blanc de noirs literally means, white from black, meaning white juice from Pinot Noir and Meunier grapes, the two black grapes of the three main varietals used to blend champagne.

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“Because the vines are living organisms, it is not treated but cared for.”

Meet the Grower: Champagne Bression-Lourdeaux

Coming from several generations of growers, Aude and Boris Bression joined their know-how in 2006 to create Champagne Bression-Lourdeaux. Their estate, located in the village of Try, in the heart of the Marne valley, covers 6,25 ha (14.83 acres) of vineyard. The Meunier grape varietal accounts for 90% of the vineyard, while Chardonnay and Pinot Noir 5% each.

“80% of our vineyard is grassy et valued through the work we do on the soils. We reduce the impact of fertilizers, water and air by adding our own compost. Because the vines are living organisms, it is not treated but cared for.”

The grapes grow using reasoned viticulture, which preserves the natural environment while maintaining a diverse fauna. The balance and regeneration of our soils is essential to be able to hand over our heritage to the next generation.


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