Meet SimplyChampagne’s Founder Claire Langrée Saf

Claire Langrée Saf

About Claire Langrée Saf

Claire Langrée Saf is the founder of SimplyChampagne. She is a mother of two and currently based in Singapore with her family. Along with SimplyChampagne, Claire also founded 3Pillars Advisory, a sustainability management consultancy for organisations wanting to have a measurable impact on their chosen sustainability and climate change goals. She focuses on gas emission reduction programmes, carbon markets and natural capital.

Prior to this, Claire’s experience includes serving 20 years in senior roles in Business Transformation in banking and insurance. In addition to her client-facing role, Claire is the Vice-President of the Board of the Swiss School in Singapore and is a philanthropist actively engaged with the Child’s Dream Foundation based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Claire is certified from the University of Cambridge in the UK, in Sustainability Management and in Sustainable Finance, as well as from the IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland in Sustainability Strategies. She is certified from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. Claire holds an M.A. in Business & Marketing from the Sorbonne Business School in Paris, France.

What can your customers learn from winegrowers?

So many things, starting with respect of one another and of our environment. Then, of course, there are technical aspects vine growing and wine making. I pay attention to the sustainable way of working, which means working responsibly – from seed to distribution – with careful use of our resources. Sustainability starting with the soil, is another key take away from our carefully selected growers. Lastly, customers can also get back in touch with essential values such as those of work well done, of the quality of nurturing nature’s gift, the value of transmission, resilience, and of history.

What can winegrowers learn from their customers?

Winegrowers can find that their values are shared at every corner of the world beyond the daily horizon of their estate. Customers can learn that what is key to them is also key to their food and beverage suppliers. By supporting this labor-intensive work, clients encourage and invest on responsible ways of working our land, that can help sustain our lands.

What defines your leadership style?

Allowing people to develop themselves through the right balance of guidance and freedom. My advice to my team generally is: work hard, be authentic, speak up (and know when to stop speaking too!).

What qualities do you most admire?

My mentors and the people who inspire me all are kind, supportive of each communities and people, interested, have a “can do” attitude, a strong personality, enthusiasm, are interested in a large variety of topics, and passionate. This is why the growers I meet inspire me so much. I also admire individuals who set and achieve high standards for themselves while remaining humble.

What are your greatest strengths?

My high energy level and ability to enthuse others to buy into a challenging task or vision.

What is your greatest weakness?

Champagne of course, although that can also be a strength!

Where do you live?

Singapore, an impressive city-state which has the third highest per capita income in the world yet is the smallest country in Southeast Asia.

Where are you from?

Tricky question. I was born in Chatou, France, raised in Argentina, Singapore and the Philippines, then France and finally rooted in the Zurich area of Switzerland, before now living in Singapore.

What is your favorite leisure activity?

I love to cook for my family and friends, and my regular sport activities. Playing the piano is also very relaxing for me.

What is your goal in life?

To constantly challenge myself and learn, whatever I do, wherever I am in the world, and more importantly, learn from whoever I meet.

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