​Fragrant, floral and refreshing, there is nothing like the delicate flavour of elderflower. Just add some fresh mint and pour your champagne on top of your elderberry syrup to dream about the crisp air of the mountains covered with Elderberry flowers.

The ‘Hugo” cocktail is named after the hotelier of one of of St Hubertus in the Dolomites of Italy.

INGREDIENTS (serves one)
2 cl Elderflower syrup
1/2 Fresh Lime
Fresh Mint leaves
½ cup NV Brut Champagne
Ice cubes

Pour elderflower syrup in a champagne glass or white wine glass, and fresh lime, lint leaves, ice cubes
Top up with your favorite Champagne
Give a quick stir and enjoy!

Special thanks to Judith from Gourmet on Tour for this recipe.

Our Champagne suggestion: Carte Blanche from Champagne A&S Boever

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