How to decorate your table

The best is to start from a simple base, and think of the vibe or atmosphere you want to create for your guests. “It can be a theme that is close to your heart, a colour scheme that you love or your favourite flowers that helps you to kick off your creativity”, recommends events expert Daniela from Create Your Story. Begin with a plain tablecloth, or directly on a wooden table, use natural elements (wood or for branches, etc.) and add some colorful details with a napkin ring, place cards, candle holders, the menu, crackers… 

It is important not to neglect the dishes, the plates, cutlery and napkins that represent 80% of the decoration. Porcelain and silver are often preferred, but this is not an obligation. We can also opt for vintage, more classic or modern tableware if the emphasis is elsewhere.  It is also important to take care of the serving dishes, and details such as the salt and pepper shakers, the carafe… “Everything should be consistent and match into the vibe you decided for” says Daniela. Same thing for the tablecloth and the napkins, classically these are linen or cotton, very pleasant to the touch in plain white.

A centerpiece is an eyecatcher and either elevated in the middle of your table with a selection of flowers and foliages, or spread over the table as a runner with small elements. Daniela recommends seasonal flowers, branches of greeneries and candles for a warm atmosphere. Local seasonal beautiful foliage can be arranged in small mottled vases, scattered over the entire length of the table. Be careful, however, of the height of the arrangements, which should not exceed 25 cm so as not to disturb the guests.

Last tip: avoid flowers that smell too overwhelming like hyacinths or lilies, use them as a flower arrangement in the entrance not too close to the table. 

For your glassware, always opt for a glass with a big enough bowl to allow for the full aromas of your champagne to develop. We love our Jamesse tulip glass, or even a classic white wine or even larger red wine glass.

Happy Holidays!

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