Château de Cormicy, Reims

Château de Cormicy

Renovated and opened during the COVID confinement by two sisters Blanche-Marie and Laetitia, one a nun, the other a pharmacist, Château de Cormicy was once the property of the Archbishop of Reims followed by Count Guillaume de Champagne. The castle was first constructed in the 12th century, and since then has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. Underground passages remain with inscriptions testifying to the centuries of life at the property.

Located 20 minutes from Reims and 40 mins north of our growers Champagne Bression-Lourdeaux and Champagne Pascal Hénin, the Château is in the heart of Champagne overlooking a magnificent wooded park. Available for both accomodation and receptions, guests have the choice of staying within the castle or the stables cottage and are immersed in the classicism of traditional castles with restored furniture with modern touches.

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Images source: Château de Cormicy

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