Champagne Temperatures

Champagne is synonymous with special occasions – and how you serve it is as important as what you serve.

Offering champagne is a ritual – a ceremony that starts long before you begin pouring.

Champagne is typically best served at 8-10 °C (46-50 °F). But why?

Low temperatures keep the gas dissolved, and prevent the instantaneous formation of a too-large amount of foam when the bottle is opened. The fine bubbles are allowed to dissipate gently over a longer period.

The low temperature also influences the taste of Champagne wine, making its acidity more enjoyable. But don’t serve it colder than 7-8°C (45-46°F), since you’ll then miss the flavors and aromas qualities.

The situation is different with a millésime. Typically 7-8 years of age, this Champagne has reached some maturity and its acidity has partially faded away. A slightly higher serving temperature (11-13 °C / 52-55 °F) is recommended to better highlight the richness of the aromas and flavors.

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