Champagne Hubert Noiret

Meet The Grower

Champagne Hubert Noiret

Family History

The Hubert family is part of a renowned family of winegrowers in Champagne, France since the mid XVIII the century with Hubert Quentin, winegrower in Etoges.

As the years and centuries went by, the know-how has been passed on from generation to generation, up to now with Nathalie Hubert Noiret. Raymond was the first in the family to commercialise his champagne. He passed on his passion to his son, Jean-Pierre, who endlessly seeks innovative technique to ease the work in the vineyards and get closer to sustainable practices.

Meanwhile, the Noiret family communicated this same passion of working their vineyards for the last 3 generations. In 2003, during harvest, Nathalie and Jean-Michel joined their estates and launched their brand known as Champagne Hubert Noiret.

Eight generations of wine growers and third generation of commercialisation later, Nathalie and Jean-Michel are convinced of the strong future of champagne.