Simply Champagne

SimplyChampagne was the first company in Singapore to offer premium sustainable champagnes from independent vintners.

By selecting and curating an exclusive champagne range for you, we support a new leading generation of independent growers whose dedication to quality and sustainable farming practices – from seed to transportation – matches our own.

We reinvest a portion of our sales in our vintners’ regenerative agriculture work, and provide an advisory service for sustainable lifecycle management.

The champagne range at SimplyChampagne are sourced from family-owned, out-of-the-way wineries, where the history, passion and know-how of sustainable practices are as interesting as the champagne itself.

If you’re a sustainable champagne enthusiast – or would like to become one – come join the journey!

Discover a range of exclusive premium quality champagnes from family-owned wineries.

Support independent growers dedicated to sustainable farming practices and wine-making.

By purchasing from our premium champagne selection, reinvest in local stakeholder projects empowering the next generation of growers.

Our experiences that made us who we are

We love a good champagne. We personally seek and showcase producers with a passion for soil regeneration, sustainability and climate protection. The grower monitors the soil, fruit, the process, and human contact, right through to the bottling and then transportations stages. We love connecting with the growers and the champagne enthusiasts. We love to see first-hand the pleasure they bring is highly motivational and satisfying for us and for the champagne maker.

We resource in the Champagne region. We are intrigued by the diversity that the thousand independent growers bring. We remove the hard work of finding the best champagne in a region of 4,300 independent growers by personally selecting those champagnes for you on site. We present to you the rare and the hard-to-find champagne that you are looking for, whose growers have been able to make a true expression of the local climate, the soil, the vines and all the family knowledge gained through generations of winemaking.

Focusing on small independent producers simplifies operations and removes costs – joint marketing fees, no middlemen, etc. All those savings are passed along to our customers and reinvested with the stakeholders – growers, partners, and all players we interact with in the responsible  sustainable champaign making ecosystem.

As a result, the value brought is the best quality products – where quality is defined by the process, the grapes and the growers themselves – for a fair price while reinvesting in the local stakeholders. So in the end, you are buying an excellent bottle of champagne and reinvesting in the growers and champagne ecosystem!

Sustainable Practices

We believe that each and everyone can have a positive impact on gas emission levels. With our partners, we’re working towards a more sustainable future, respectful of the finite available quantity of natural resources.

We look at our impact through the products we import. With our partners, we strive towards high standards of social and environmental performance.

SimplyChampagne curates exceptional champagnes that are representative of the quality of the terroir (soil and area) they come from and of their producer’s commitment.

Among the 4,300 independent champagne producers in Champagne, France, we select champagnes made from grapes

  • farmed through sustainable, biological, or even biodynamic methods 
  • fermented using natural yeasts and
  • produced with no acidification or additives.

Learn more about our sustainability practices here.


Our Values

We are driven by strong values and committed to deliver where it matters

  • Passion: our passion for good work, sustainable practices, people and quality is a cornerstone of who we are
  • Entrepreneurship: we push the boundaries of everything that we do
  • Integrity: we work with respect, honesty and transparency, with highest ethical and quality standards


What we did first

To get out of this challenging situation of looking for a champagne that matches our liking among the 4,300 independent champagne producers, we first selected an excellent grand cru champagne house, and learned from the very best.

We regularly complete our portfolio by personally visiting each selected champagne grower and winemaker on site each year. Our regular visits include working in the vineyards, blind tasting, blending trials, meeting new regional players, and visiting new cellars. It is a learning that spans a lifetime.

Every step of the way helps us move forward to support the growers’ responsible farming ethics, and to bring these quality out of the way champagnes to our customers. Our common purpose binds us. We are thrilled to share our knowledge and champagne selection with you.

Our Team

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Caroline qualified as a lawyer before moving to Asia in 2000. An avid cook and fine wine aficionado, Caroline believes in good and authentic products. Caroline has worked extensively in the fine wine industry for several years before recently joining the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. She holds a WSET III certification and has worked with some of the biggest names in wine globally.

Through her experience she believes that this is all about the people behind the products, their practices and values. She is therefore eager to contribute to sharing her passion and help create awareness and understanding of independent growers and their dedication to quality and sustainable farming practices with SimplyChampagne.

Caroline Steger
Owner and Director

Markus can only be described as a true world citizen, having been born in the Philippines and then going on to study and work in Europe, the United States and finally Asia where he has now been based for the last twenty years. His career focus started over thirty years ago in commercial and management positions in the Flavour and Fragrances industry working globally with customers such as Procter and Gamble, and Unilever. His experience has helped him develop a key sense of quality in food and wine. In all this time one thing remains a passion, people, planet and purpose. Like Caroline, he is a real believer in the benefits of sustainable and organic produce and practice.

They both look very much forward to supporting our great growers and bringing the best of champagne to your door in Asia.

Markus Steger

Owner and Director

Iona Steger is the daughter of Markus and Caroline Steger. She is currently pursuing a degree in law in Madrid, Spain, and enjoys exercising her creative passions such as art, photography and more in her free time. She is assisting her parents with the website, communications and photography to continue to promote and uphold the work of SimplyChampagne. 


Iona Steger

Communications and Marketing Officer

India Steger is the second daughter of Markus and Caroline Steger. She is going to begin her studies of Chemistry at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She is assisting her older sister and parents with the website, communications and photography to continue to promote and uphold the work of SimplyChampagne. 


India Steger

Vice Communications and Marketing Officer